In 2004, the Pork Checkoff launched Operation Main Street. Operation Main Street is an intensive training program for producers to help them spread the message about the pork industry. This program helps producers across the country upgrade the pork industry’s image starting at the vital local level.

Producers who participate in Operation Main Street gain public speaking experience, receive training on how to deliver a positive industry message to media and the public, and walk away ready for public presentations. Participants also receive updates on emerging issues facing the pork industry, and have the opportunity to connect with other producers.

If you are interested in becoming an Operation Main Street presenter contact the state office at 701-563-4513 or e-mail at

Presenters have done over 174 presentations across the state as of March 2012.

Those that are currently OMS presenters are:

Daryl Dukart, Dunn Center, ND
Alden Hollenbeck, Velva, ND
Craig Jarolimek, Forest River, ND
Jim Tilton, Fargo, ND