Title of Position:  North Dakota Pork Council State Executive

Reports to:                         North Dakota Pork Council Board


Nature of Position:        

1.       Serves the communications function from the grassroots to National Pork Board (NPB) and National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) and from the National level to the ND Pork Council (NDPC) and regional levels.

2.       Acts as the office contact person for administrative matters from NPB, NPPC to NDPC, regional and producer levels.

3.       Help to act as coordinator for local, state and national programs.

4.       Financial responsibilities same duties as the stat treasure when acting state treasure.

5.       Membership

a.       Assist in implementing membership programs

1.       Do mailing of form to producers asking for membership, provide producer with membership card and send producer membership token when approved to do so.

2.       Maintain a membership list of both dues paying members and non-dues paying members.

3.       Routinely forward to NPB updated producer mailing addresses.


6.       Market Relations

a.       Act as ND’s checkoff compliance agent acting in accordance with the Pork Act guidelines.

b.      Arrange for and/or make market checkoff visits to communicate producer issues and programs to markets and packers.

c.       Work with NPB to keep current addresses on file for all markets, marketing points, key market producers and seed stock producers.

d.      Hold producer information confidential and files under lock and key per Pork Act guidelines.


7.       Government Relations

a.       Assist Public Policy Chairman and committee

b.      Keep updated on proposed state regulations which influence the pork industry

c.       Serve as communication link between the State’s Pork Representative and NPPC, NPB.


8.       Promotion

a.       Assist in the implementation and dissemination of national promotional program materials.

b.      Handle requests for promotional materials, and keep Promotion Committee appraised of promotional opportunities and programs from NPB as they become available.

c.       Receive pork gift certificate requests and fulfill them.

d.      Keep consumer education committee abreast of available educational materials and assist in their duties.


9.       Research

a.       Maintai file of Swine Research projects from State University. Securing contracts on any research projects that are supported with checkoff funds.

b.      Share with NPB completed research summaries also to State Veterinary’s Office and extension offices.


10.   Communications

a.       Direct necessary communications to president, officers and/or committee chairmen and board members as needed.

b.      Provide NPB and NPPC with needed information as they request.

c.       Maintain an undated  list of office equipment in file.

d.      Compile an annual report to be distributed to all pork producers and associates.



11.   Meetings

a.       Attend all state board meetings, and all executive committee meetings.

b.      Attend all National State Executive meetings held by NPB & NPPC, Pork Forum.

c.       Attend professional development training seminars and educational workshops for association executives.

d.      Arrange for state meetings, places and services.

e.      Send out e-mail meeting notice 20 days in advance of meeting, 10 days prior to meeting mail out agenda, along with previous board minutes.

f.        Shall maintain a term database to track terms of board members and be responsible for acquiring an outgoing gift when they complete their term.


Background Requirements of Position:



                           Broad knowledge of livestock industries and preferably the pork industry.


                           Excellent interpersonal communication skills, along with media and organizational skills.
                           This position required approximately 30% travel time and may also be done from your personal home as no office space is provided.

Please submit resume with a cover letter to Dr. David Newman at david.newman@ndsu.edu