What Does MY Membership Do?

Your membership dues provide a very vital source of revenue for the ND Pork Association as it works to:

  • Let us cooperatively work towards developing relationships with the State Legislature and our Congressmen
  • Be a part of the ND Ag Coalition and Ag Foundation Groups
  • Support the efforts of the Pork Producers Washington Office
  • Fund youth scholarships
  • Sponsorship of Awards Program for North Dakota Producers
Why is YOUR voice Important?
Checkoff dollars are collected on all hogs sold from this state, but these funds can only be used for Promotion, Research, Consumer Information and Producer Education.

Pork producers need one strong voice for industry.  The ND Pork Council can be that voice.  The council is made up of producers, like yourselves, who care about North Dakota’s Pork Industry.

By becoming a member, every producer, regardless of production size or type of operation, has a voice in policy making.  That voice needs to be heard on many important issues.  You can be a part of the only organization dedicated to the future of North Dakota’s Pork Industry.  We need a united front on issues such as:

  • Environmental Concerns
  • Government Relations/Regulations
  • Disease Management
  • Foreign Trade

To keep this industry producer driven, we need your involvement today.  All decisions made by the state and national level will affect your bottom line.  Won’t you become a member by filling out the form below and returning it with your $25 check?

Become a member NOW!

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